—to where I come to write and think and share ideas. My work and writing (so people tell me) is a combination of frankness and humor about life along with insight that moves people to action. My intention has always been to encourage boldness and creativity in people so that they use their unique talent well—and to inspire learning, exploring, and stretching what is possible. I tend to do this in a pragmatic yet still innovative way. I like results and I like new thinking and I like to have fun while I work. I have helped grow many contemporary CEO’s and top executives to their full capacity. That makes me happy and proud.

I write three blogs that keep me curious and learning and sometimes creatively irritated. The first shares my experience as a top executive, CEO: Note To Self; the second, Truth Burps, is a sandbox for my naked reactions to life; and the third, I Pray Anyway, explores my nagging and unresolved interest in spiritual life—including my questioning and ambivalence. I hope you’ll read and be stimulated by each one at different times. I don’t write to the universe. I write to you.

Let’s talk. Create some ideas.
Do some good in the world.

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Work With Me

I love my work in executive and personal coaching. It gives me the opportunity to use my experience as an expert in leadership development to encourage people to use their talent and live with full power. I also have broad experience as an executive so I “get” the context executives live in—I was former EVP for the Delhaize Group. I’ve been told the unique flavor of my coaching work is deep insight, humor, clear thinking and challenging people to action.

“Brilliant is probably the best word to describe Joyce and her work. She leaves a mark with people she touches through her presence, her words, her questions. Once you’ve “met” Joyce, your life will be different. Her words, in whatever shape or form, will have changed you.

L., Chief Operating Officer, Global Food Retailer

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Check Out My New Book

I can’t wait to have people read I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for the Ambivalent, because I am eager to connect with readers and let the conversations begin. When I share the the book’s title or excerpts from the reflections with others, I am surprised by the enthusiastic responses that I receive.  People have told me: “This is what I think and feel, but couldn’t put into words.” “This book is so comforting because it is reverently irreverent.” “I love that you make the spiritual so down to earth,” and that the book is “full of hope.”

I like that the book gives people permission to experiment with a devotional practice without any judgment—to pray “anyway.” I like that it makes people think and smile and that it sparks a good laugh or a big disagreement. I want you to read I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for the Ambivalent and join the conversation. Let me know what you think.

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